Our That Engineering Chat podcast features talks with leaders in the electronics and manufacturing industries discussing everything from current affairs to business challenges and industry developments.

EPISODE 10- with John Stone, Sales Director, Relec Electronics

A new world of the VAR opened up for Nicole in this podcast with Relec’s sales director, John Stone as he talks about the role of a value added reseller. Nicole and Caroline learned what expertise a VAR brings and the value of communication with the customer to produce a winning product.

EPISODE 9 – with John Dignan, MD of Dynamic EMS

In this podcast, Nicole and Caroline are surprised to find that despite a global pandemic, component shortages and Brexit, the future of electronic manufacturing services is bright. Their guest, Dynamic EMS’ MD, John Dignan, explains how pivoting production, diversification and an eye for emerging technologies, have been the key to growth for this UK-based EMS specialist.

EPISODE 8 – with Paul Jepson, Oriental Motor UK Part 4

Electric motors are everywhere but not are created equal. How do you decide which is the right one for a conveyor belt, sliding doors, windscreen wipers and the food processor in your kitchen? Paul Jepson guides Nicole and Caroline through the sizing and selection process – but they still manage to bring it back to a lunchtime example to illustrate just how many motors are in use today!

EPISODE 7 – with Elena Rodriguez-Falcon and Beverley Gibbs, NMITE

On the day a new higher education institute is launched in the UK, Nicole and Caroline speak to NMITE’s president, Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, and its chief academic officer, Beverley Gibbs to find out about what will happen when it opens its doors in March 2021, its vocational approach to an integrated engineering qualification, active learning and industry support. The discussion also touches on the UK’s number of engineers and what can be done to encourage girls to take STEM subjects and to stay once they have begun their careers in engineering.

EPISODE 6 – Oriental Motor – Future intelligent automation needs

Paul Jepson of Oriental Motor UK returns as a special guest to talk automation. The myriad of motors available is clarified as he talks Nicole and Caroline through the landscape of automation today. Together they delve into details on why AC induction motors or BLDC motors just won’t meet present and future intelligent automation needs.There is an exploration of the popularity of motorised linear stages and X/Y table and a drill down into stepper motors and peristaltic pumps (roller pumps) for industrial fluid control.With pharmaceuticals one everyone’s mind at the moment, Paul also focuses on how these motors are effective in drug research where the precision of a five-phase stepper motor can control fluids worth £10,000 per gram, at rates of 10nl per minute.

EPISODE 5 – Oriental Motor – Automation in the Food Industry

As automation becomes more prevalent and consumers demand more sophisticated cuisine but without fuss, the production of ‘convenience food’ has had to keep pace. Nicole and Caroline chat to Paul Jepson of Oriental Motor about the food automation industry, tracking the process of safely packaging prepared food and the variety of motors and actuators the company supplies to an industry which has strict regulations and varied environmental conditions.

EPISODE 4 – Introduction
In this introduction, Nicole and Caroline discuss how the That Engineering Chat podcast came about and why the time is right for this valuable resource for engineers. They chat about guests’ (from LG Motion, MiniTec and Precision Acoustics, Relec, Oriental Motor) insights into business and engineering as well as coping with lockdown.

EPISODE 3 – Oriental Motor – Life through COVID
In this podcast, Nicole and Caroline talk to Paul Jepson of Oriental Motor UK, global motor and fan specialists, about the effect of the pandemic on the supply chain, how they managed to adapt and introduce practical measures to manage customer timelines and – most importantly – keep lead times to an absolute minimum.

EPISODE 2 – Relec Electronics
Nicole and Caroline chat with Peter Lappin, MD of Relec Electronics about how the company has adapted to maintain the staus quo, managing supply issue and introducing long term planning for short term issues. Peter champions the strengths of the UK manufacturing sector and how Relec’s collaborative approach will play a part in recovery post-Covid.

EPISODE 1 – Gary Livingstone
We chat to Gary Livingstone, MD of Minitec UK, LG Motion and Precision Acoustics about keeping three businesses operating during the Covid pandemic and how each company has found a way to accommodate staff, keep functioning, and thrive!